I'm Geoff Moore, a UK-based game composer who creates music for developers all over the world. I have 5 years of game music industry experience and a BA in Music Technology and Innovation from De Montfort University. My previous soundtracks include the visual novels Starlight Vega and Grand Old Academy, the Thorne action-RPG series and the upcoming puzzle-defense game Goblin Pest Control.

The relationship between music and player is one I find endlessly fascinating. A few well-placed notes can signal alarm, or wonder, or mystery. A brushed gong can raise the hairs on the back of the neck. A slight tonal shift can set the pulse racing.

A great soundtrack will define characters, bring worlds to life and create a truly immersive experience that stays with your player long after the credits roll.


Below is a selection of recent tracks and old favourites which demonstrate a variety of styles and genres. There's more music in my credits section, and you can send me a message at the bottom of this page if you'd like to hear an example in a specific style.

Low Signal - Post-Apocalypse

Minimal, mood-setting cue
(Piano, Guitar, Synth)

Another Place - Fantasy

Rich, emotional title theme
(Orchestra, Piano, Guitar)

When They Awaken - Epic

Epic orchestral battle/trailer theme
(Orchestra, War Drums, Gongs)

Circles - Modern

Atmospheric, hypnotic title theme
(Guitar, Piano, Synth)

Love Theme - Adventure

Light, retro-styled level theme
(Orchestra, Synth, Conga)

With Bated Breath - World

Evolving, resonant spiritual theme
(Xiao, Guzheng, Strings)

Birbtown Bangarang - Weird

Eccentric, beat-driven level theme
(Beat, Bass, Everything)

Welcome to G.O.A. - Modern

Happy, breezy background theme
(Guitar, Wurlitzer, Beat)

Beneath a Blue Moon - Nostalgia

Gentle, nostalgic night-time cue
(Piano, Game Boy, Pipa)

About Me

I focus on writing strong, original and memorable themes in a wide variety of genres, drawing from a wealth of acoustic, orchestral and world instruments as well as various keyboards and synths. I'm able to create a consistent, coherent soundtrack from start to finish, demoing ideas, composing, performing and recording the music, then mixing and mastering audio files ready to trigger in-game. Of course if you'd like me to collaborate with other audio professionals I'm happy to do so, but if you're looking for a one-stop music solution I'm willing and able to fill all required roles.

I work on a contract basis, meaning you can hire me for a single track, a whole game, a kickstarter demo... whatever you need!

Geoff was a joy to work with and very patient with my lack of musical knowledge, not to mention very fast and his work speaks for itself. I highly recommend him!

- Razz, Razzart Visual (Starlight Vega)

Five years of game industry music experience have enabled me to develop a strong, flexible working process. I pride myself on being reliable, punctual and easy to work with. Here are some of my key features:

  • Versatile sound - I have a vast array of instruments and sound design tools at my fingertips and can compose in many styles, so I should be able to deal with any brief you can come up with.

  • Flexible pace - Whether you're a studio who need a soundtrack completed quickly for an upcoming release or a hobbyist on a tight budget who wants to order a track every couple of months, I can work at your pace.

  • Plain sailing - I'll demo ideas for you throughout the process so we can make sure we're always on the same page and working towards the same goal.

  • End-to-end process - I can create, mix and master my work to a high standard - the music on this page was performed, produced and engineered entirely by me. Of course if you need me to work with other audio professionals I can do that too.

  • Reasonable pricing - The cost of my work depends on your needs, but I always keep my prices reasonable as I love being able to work on interesting indie projects. I can offer various exclusivity options to suit most budgets.

  • Clear communication - We'll communicate regularly through email, Discord or Skype so you're always in the loop.


Here you can see my previous game soundtrack projects. For brevity's sake, I've limited these credits to games and developers I've created full custom soundtracks or a significant body of exclusive work for.


Game: Goblin Pest Control
Developer: MantraTeam
Status: In Development
Roles: Composer, musical director, adaptive soundtrack technical tasks

Game: Grand Old Academy
Developer: GOA Games
Status: Out on Itch
Roles: Composer, musical director


Game: Diplomatic Relations
Developer: DR Development
Status: Out on Itch
Roles: Composer, musical director

Game: Covert Pizza Delivery
Developer: Covert Games
Status: In development
Roles: Composer, musical director, adaptive soundtrack technical tasks

Games: Thorne: Death Merchants / Thorne: Son of Slaves / Lycah
Developer: Thorne Games
Status: Out on Steam
Roles: Composer, musical director


Game: Caladria Chronicles
Developer: Starlight Visual
Status: Out on Steam
Roles: Composer, musical director

Game: Starlight Vega
Developer: Razzart Visual
Status: Out on Steam
Roles: Composer, musical director


Game: Ressurflection
Developer: Mirror Image
Status: In development
Roles: Composer, musical director

Game: A Very Important Date
Developer: Naive Sprites
Status: Out on Itch
Roles: Composer, musical director


Game: Weird and Unfortunate Things Are Happening
Developer: unity
Status: Out on RMN
Roles: Composer, musical director

Game: The Book of Shadows
Developer: Tiny Goblin Productions
Status: In beta
Roles: Composer, musical director

Let's talk about it!

It's always awesome to hear about people's creative projects, and I'd love to talk about the soundtrack for yours! Whether you're ready to hire a composer, you want to hear a demo in a specific style, or you'd just like to make contact, you can send me a quick message using this form or email me at .

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