About me (and my work)

Me focusing really intently on a chord fingering.

I've been writing music since an early age, and I started making game music professionally in 2013. At the time I was a telemarketer for an insurance firm, and escaping into the worlds of the games I was composing for each night was intoxicating. The game dev community received my work very well, and as word of mouth spread and more developers reached out I was able to reduce my hours and eventually focus on game music full time.

Photo of Geoff Moore
Me focusing really intently on a chord fingering.

It's been an amazing journey, and I've been fortunate to have forged relationships with a lot of wonderful developers along the way.

In my spare time I like to dabble in (you guessed it) game development! Here are a couple of tracks from my own games:

Music from Oh! Ko!

Music from MOOP

Here's why you should work with me

Musical skill

I can compose game music in a lot of different styles with all kinds of instruments, so I can craft the perfect sound to suit your game's atmosphere and tone. I can create acoustic music, electronic music, or a crossover of both.

I'm able to create a soundtrack from start to finish, demoing ideas, composing, performing and recording the music, then mastering audio files ready for you to trigger in-game. The pieces in my portfolio were created entirely by me.

Technical ability

I can provide smoothly looping, fully produced music, as well as to-picture scoring for timed cutscenes or trailers.

If required I can create adaptive soundtracks with multiple layers (as in Goblin Pest Control by MantraTeam, where I created four interplaying musical layers for the battle phase that reflect the current threat level).

I'm also a hobbyist game dev, which gives me a deeper understanding of your technical needs.

Flexible terms

I provide various licensing and exclusivity options. We can negotiate a soundtrack rights split or you can keep all rights yourself. I'll explain the options available and provide you with clear terms in plain English.

My rates vary depending on your needs and the style of music, and I always keep them reasonable (most of my clients are indie developers, I know budgets can be tight!) We'll agree a per-minute rate and a pace that suits your game and budget.

We have selected Geoff to compose the entire Crown of Worlds OST, and could not be happier. He's an art director's dream, and responds well to detailed descriptions of emotions and imagery. We communicate like writers, rather than musicians, and his ability to speak cross-genre has been a lifesaver!

- Lydia Rivers, Creative Director, Prismatech Media Arts
(Game: Crown of Worlds, Role: Lead Composer)